Ubuntu Stage

The "UBUNTU Stage" is a unique and transformative platform that will be featured during the Humanity Summit 2023 in Lisbon, held at the prestigious Auditorium of Padrão dos Descobrimentos. Inspired by the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which emphasizes interconnectedness, unity, and shared humanity, this stage aims to foster meaningful discussions, inspire collaboration, and promote a sense of collective responsibility towards global challenges.

Day 1

September 20, 2023

08h00 AM - 09h30 AM



09h30 AM - 10h00 AM

 Session 1 - Introduction to the Ubuntu Stage

Welcome Address and Opening Remarks
Overview of the Humanity Summit and its Objectives                                                                                                                                                                                       

10h00 AM - 12h00 PM

Empowering Local Communities

The "Empowering Local Communities" panel aims to explore the pivotal role of social impact startups in empowering and uplifting local communities. This panel brings together experts, community leaders, and social entrepreneurs who have successfully initiated impactful projects at the grassroots level. They will share insights, strategies, and best practices for fostering community-led development, addressing local challenges, and creating sustainable change from within.

Discussion Topics:

Community Engagement and Co-creation
Social Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst
Local Resource Mobilization
Addressing Community Needs
Capacity Building and Skill Development
Cultural Preservation and Inclusion
Collaborative Partnerships
Measuring Impact at the Community Level

12h00 PM - 01h30 PM

Conscious Leadership in the new paradigms of the Humanity towards Peace

Discussion Topics:

Conscious Leadership & Accountability
Conflict Transformation: Paving the Path to Lasting Peace                                                                                                                                                                                     

01h20 PM - 03h00 PM

Lunch Break


04h00 PM - 05h00 PM

Book Session English

Ethical Capitalism - A Proposal for a Better Life                                                                                                                                                                                           

05h00 PM - 05h30 PM

Closing Remarks


Day 2

September 21, 2023

09h00 AM



09h00 AM - 09h10 AM

Sessão em Português

Keynote speech on the importance of social impact                                                                                                                                                                                                      

09h10 AM - 10h30 AM

Forjando Alianças: Acelerando a Inovação Social 

A busca por soluções inovadoras para os desafios sociais globais é uma jornada que requer colaboração e alianças sólidas. O painel "Forjando Alianças: Acelerando a Inovação Social" reúne líderes inspiradores e especialistas de diversos setores para discutir como a cooperação pode impulsionar a inovação social e catalisar a mudança positiva.

Introdução à Inovação Social e Alianças Colaborativas
Explorando o conceito de inovação social e seu impacto na resolução de desafios globais.
O papel crucial das alianças colaborativas na amplificação dos resultados.
Colaboração Multissetorial: Unindo Forças para a Mudança
Casos de sucesso de parcerias entre setores público, privado e sem fins lucrativos.
Como superar obstáculos e alinhar objetivos para maximizar o impacto.
Tecnologia e Inovação para o Bem Social
Como a tecnologia está impulsionando avanços na área de inovação social.
Exemplos de plataformas e soluções tecnológicas que abordam desafios sociais complexos.
Empreendedorismo Social e Investimento de Impacto
Como empreendedores sociais estão abordando lacunas no sistema tradicional.
O papel dos investidores de impacto na promoção da inovação social de forma sustentável
Inovação em Políticas Públicas e Participação Cidadã
Como as políticas públicas inovadoras podem criar um ambiente propício à mudança social.
O engajamento dos cidadãos como um catalisador para a inovação em políticas.

Medindo e Ampliando o Impacto Social
Métricas e indicadores para avaliar o sucesso de projetos de inovação social.
Estratégias para escalar soluções eficazes e alcançar comunidades mais amplas.

Inspiração para o Futuro: Construindo um Mundo Mais Justo
Visão compartilhada dos painelistas sobre como a inovação social pode moldar um futuro mais inclusivo e igualitário.

10h30 AM - 12h00 PM

Art as a Catalyst for a Just World: Illuminating the Path

In a world seeking greater equity and justice, the role of art has become increasingly pivotal. This thought-provoking panel delves into the profound impact of art as a driving force for constructing a fairer world. Join us as we explore how art, in its various forms, can challenge norms, amplify marginalized voices, and inspire social change. Discover the transformative power of artistic expression in fostering empathy, sparking dialogue, and dismantling barriers that impede progress towards a more just and inclusive society. Through insightful discussions and real-world examples, we will navigate the intersection of art, activism, and advocacy, highlighting the potential for art to not only reflect the world we envision but also to actively shape it.


Art as a Mirror of Society: Unveiling the capacity of art to reflect the intricacies of social issues and prompt critical self-examination.
Artistic Activism: Examining how artists leverage their creative platforms to drive social and political change, transcending traditional activism.
Amplifying Marginalized Voices: Discussing how art can provide a platform for marginalized communities to share their stories, struggles, and aspirations.
Art and Empathy: Exploring how artistic experiences foster empathy by inviting audiences to step into others' perspectives.
Art in Public Spaces: Analyzing the impact of public art installations on community engagement, urban landscapes, and collective consciousness.
Art Education for Equity: Addressing the role of arts education in promoting diversity, inclusivity, and cultural understanding from an early age.
Art and Dialogue: Unearthing how art can serve as a catalyst for meaningful conversations on difficult topics, bridging divides and fostering understanding.
Artistic Expression and Cultural Heritage: Investigating how art can help preserve and celebrate cultural heritage while adapting to evolving narratives.
Challenges and Opportunities: Engaging in a candid conversation about the challenges artists face when advocating for change and the potential avenues for collaboration between artists, institutions, and society.

12h00 PM - 01h30 PM

Exploring the Intersection: Race, Gender, and Health Disparities in Today's Society


01h30 PM - 03h00 PM

Lunch Break


03h00 PM - 04h30 PM

Global Peace and Conflict Resolution: Strategies for a Harmonious World

Conflict Transformation: Paving the Path to Lasting Peace
Peace Education and Social Change: Empowering Communities

04h30 PM - 06h00 PM

Harmonizing Humanity: Unveiling the Humanity Pact's Objectives, Higher Consciousness, Oneness, and Spirituality

Welcome to a profound journey of self-discovery and collective growth as we delve into the core principles of the Humanity Pact. In this enlightening panel, we will navigate the transformative power of higher consciousness, oneness, and spirituality in fostering harmony among individuals and societies. Join us as we explore the objectives of the Humanity Pact—a visionary framework for nurturing compassion, empathy, and interconnectedness across the global community. Engage with thought leaders, spiritual guides, and change-makers as we unravel the profound potential of aligning human aspirations with a deeper understanding of our shared essence. Through insightful discussions and practical insights, we'll chart a path toward a more harmonious world where unity and compassion flourish.


The Humanity Pact Unveiled: A comprehensive overview of the Humanity Pact's principles, objectives, and its potential impact on fostering a more interconnected world.
Elevating Consciousness: Exploring how cultivating higher consciousness can lead to personal transformation and amplify our ability to empathize and connect with others.
Oneness as a Foundation: Discussing the concept of oneness as the cornerstone of a global shift toward unity, respect for diversity, and mutual understanding.
Spirituality and Collective Well-being: Examining how spiritual practices and perspectives contribute to individual well-being and ripple effects of positive change in communities.
Empathy in Action: Exploring how the Humanity Pact's emphasis on empathy can reshape social dynamics, bridge divides, and inspire acts of compassion.
Cultivating Global Citizenship: Discussing the role of the Humanity Pact in cultivating a sense of global citizenship, fostering responsibility and care for the planet and its inhabitants.
Spiritual Wisdom in Modern Context: Analyzing the relevance of ancient spiritual wisdom in addressing contemporary global challenges and fostering harmony.
The Role of Education: Investigating how educational institutions can integrate the principles of the Humanity Pact to nurture a new generation of empathetic and conscious leaders.
Individual and Collective Transformation: Engaging in a dialogue about how personal growth and societal progress are intertwined, and how the Humanity Pact facilitates this synergy.

Humanity Pact Signature Ceremony

September 22, 2023

09h00 AM - 10h30 AM

Welcome Address with music performance


10h30 AM - 10h50 AM

Signing Ceremony 

Representatives from participating nations, organizations, or influential figures are invited on stage to sign the Humanity Pact.                                                                                                      

10h50 AM - 11h35 AM

Messages from Dignitaries

Representatives of key stakeholders, deliver short messages on the significance of the Humanity Pact and their commitment to its principles.                                                                               

11h35 AM - 11h50 AM

 Music Performance & Closing Remarks


11h50 AM - 12h30 AM

Toast with Wine & Conclusion

After the signing ceremony, all attendees are invited to raise a toast to celebrate the launch of the Humanity Pact.
The Humanity Pact Signature Ceremony comes to a close.
Guests are invited to network and engage in further discussions.
Wine, symbolizing the unity and a positive heritage of Portugal, is served to the guests.                                                                                                            


Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Av. Brasília, 1400-038 Lisboa

20-21 September 2023