Humanity Summit


Our vision is a world where all individuals have equal opportunities, access to essential resources, and live in harmony with each other and the planet. We envision a future where compassion, empathy, and cooperation are at the core of human interactions, leading to sustainable development, social justice, and a thriving global community.


The Humanity Summit will focus on shedding more light on the following aspects:

  1. Justice. Amplifying the champions of Social Justice around the globe, sharing knowledge and insights

  2. Futurism. Gathering bio-technologists, Astro-physicists, leaders of pharmaceutical industries, Mathematicians, politicians, Secretaries of State and Ministers, and so on, to discuss the present and future of humanity

  3. Culture. Reflecting upon the lack of access minorities have within the public arena.

  4. Economic Justice. Reflecting upon the enhancement of fair trade, understanding the economic cycles of goods available within our ecosystem, and how to achieve a better global redistribution of wealth. Our global speakers are Investors, leaders of social funds, researchers, activists, leading hedge funds.

  5. Well-being. Coming together with health professionals, green activists, organisations and more to share and discuss the solutions to our health access and possible climate actions.

  6. Hope. Reflecting on the theoretical and practical applications of formal and informal education – from youth to adulthood – through public and private institutions aiming to trigger change through a more inclusive educational approach.