Our partners, who excel in their respective fields, have united to support and promote the influence of The Humanity Summit.

The Humanity Summit is a collaborative initiative, and its implementation partners are key organizations and institutions that share the vision of the summit. These partners bring their expertise, knowledge, and resources to support the development and delivery of the summit’s programs and activities

The implementation partners of the Humanity Summit include Ellas+ Social Fund, UN/OIM, Forbes, UCOP, LSE, XPrize Foundation, The Imperial College, UALG, Faro Municipality, Culturgest, Afrolink, Trace TV, Trace Academy, Google, Nega Films, Because Impacts, Black and Global Business Network, Cfemea, EDP foundation, MAAT, Electricity Museum in Lisbon, AFROLIS, Revibra Europa, Wall Ride, DNA Films and RTP. Each of these partners plays a critical role in advancing the summit’s mission to address the most pressing global challenges and promote human progress.

Together, these partners bring a diverse set of skills, knowledge, and resources to the Humanity Summit, helping to advance the summit’s mission and create a better future for all.

Meet the Partners

Portuguese Women In Tech
ENAR Foundation
Forum Energia e Clima
Black Excellence
Black And Global Network
Fundo Social ELAS
Forbes Portugal
IOM Migration
X Prize Foundation
London School of Economics
 University of California | Office of The President
Trace TV
Imperial College London
Universidade do Algarve
Camara Municipal de Faro
Afro Link
Because Impacts
Centro Feminista de Estudos e Assessoria
Wall Ride
DNA Films
University Of Greenwich