Humanity Talks


The "Humanity Talks on the Road" is a dynamic initiative that seeks to foster meaningful discussions and collaborative efforts to advance human well-being, justice, education, economic fairness, transparency, and migration rights through the Humanity Index framework. This conceptual note outlines the objectives, approaches, and strategies for the implementation of this initiative.


The primary objectives of the "Humanity Talks on the Road" are as follows:

Foster Inclusive Dialogue: Facilitate inclusive, interdisciplinary dialogues that address global challenges and highlight the interconnectedness of human well-being.

Catalyze Collaborations: Encourage partnerships between stakeholders from diverse sectors, including academia, government, civil society, and industry, to co-create and advance the Humanity Index.

Disseminate Knowledge: Share insights, data, and research related to the Humanity Index to inform policy, research, and advocacy efforts.

Implementation Approaches

Integration with Existing International Events:

a) Effective co-Curatorial Partner: Humanity Talks on the Road aims to become an effective curatorial partner for prominent international events such as the World Economic Forum, Web Summit, and others. By curating sessions and panels related to the Humanity Index, we intend to:

1. Ensure that discussions at these events encompass issues of human justice, well-being, education, economic justice, transparency, and migration rights.
2. Engage high-profile speakers, experts, and influencers to drive attention to the Humanity Index and its impact.
Provide a platform for audience engagement, sharing ideas, and fostering actionable commitments.

b) Side Events: In collaboration with existing international events, we plan to organize dedicated side events that delve into the intricacies of the Humanity Index. These side events will be characterized by:

Thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and presentations to explore the various components of the Humanity Index.
Collaboration with event organizers to ensure alignment with their themes and priorities.
Participation from diverse sectors and the general public, emphasizing inclusivity and broad stakeholder engagement.

University Partnerships:

a) Co-creation with Universities: Humanity Talks on the Road will engage with universities across the globe to co-create and promote the Humanity Pact & Index. The core elements of this approach include:
Collaboration with universities as academic partners in developing the methodology and data sources for the Humanity Index.
Establishing research centers, think tanks, or working groups within universities to focus on specific components of the index.
Encouraging student involvement, internships, and research opportunities related to the index to foster innovation and new perspectives.

b) University-Based Talks and Workshops: Conducting talks, workshops, and discussions on campuses to raise awareness about the Humanity Index and encourage academic discourse.

Benefits and Outcomes

Enhanced visibility and recognition of the Humanity Index as a significant tool for addressing global challenges.
A network of engaged stakeholders and partners committed to improving human well-being and addressing critical issues.
Access to diverse knowledge, research, and data sources from universities to continually refine the Humanity Index.
A roadmap for actionable commitments and initiatives to drive positive change in various sectors.

Next Steps

The next steps for the "Humanity Talks on the Road" include identifying key international events for collaboration, engaging with universities, and developing a detailed implementation plan. We are committed to the co-creation of the Humanity Index with global stakeholders and believe that by fostering dialogue, collaboration, and informed action, we can make a substantial impact on the well-being of humanity.


The "Humanity Talks on the Road" initiative represents a vital step towards advancing the principles of human well-being, justice, education, economic fairness, transparency, and migration rights. By engaging with international events and universities, we aim to foster a global dialogue that transcends borders and sectors, promoting a brighter, more equitable future for all.