Watch The Pact Signature Ceremony

Humanity Pact Signature Ceremony

September 22, 2023

09h00 AM - 10h30 AM

Welcome Address with music performance


10h30 AM - 10h50 AM

Signing Ceremony 

Representatives from participating nations, organizations, or influential figures are invited on stage to sign the Humanity Pact.                                                                                                      

10h50 AM - 11h35 AM

Messages from Dignitaries

Representatives of key stakeholders, deliver short messages on the significance of the Humanity Pact and their commitment to its principles.                                                                               

11h35 AM - 11h50 AM

 Music Performance & Closing Remarks


11h50 AM - 12h30 AM

Toast with Wine & Conclusion

After the signing ceremony, all attendees are invited to raise a toast to celebrate the launch of the Humanity Pact.
The Humanity Pact Signature Ceremony comes to a close.
Guests are invited to network and engage in further discussions.
Wine, symbolizing the unity and a positive heritage of Portugal, is served to the guests.